Miss Me Yet?

The disreputable descendants of apes in Wyoming, MN have posted this brilliant political statement near I35 just outside of town. This moronic question has raised its idiot head on bumper stickers and rear windows all over the country, since.

Yeah, we all miss this kind of international embarrassment over the crassness and arrogance of our Commander in Thief. We miss having to hang our heads in shame as the premier representative of our country puts both feet in his mouth and talks out of his ass. We miss being represented by someone so stupid that he inspires automatic references to Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman. We miss being lied to, stolen from, and laughed at by "conservatives" who would be welcomed as leaders in the old Soviet Union. We miss levels of incompetence at the highest levels of government that would embarrass any 3rd world nation. We miss the instant and total access to the White House that the worst, most corrupt corporations of the world once had. We miss the certainty we once had that, as our economy collapsed from corruption and incompetence, that nothing could ever get better as long as that gang of idiots held office.

Yep, we miss all of those wonderful things that Republicans bring to the table. Mostly, we miss our reputation as being the world's idiot, violent children. I feel confident that conservatives will restore that reputation as soon as they install Palin or some other conservative bimbo in the White House. We Americans are proud of our inability to learn anything from history.