A Minor Revolution

The existence of Bernie Sanders ought to be an inspiration to some state. He's on his second term, so I'm not holding my breath. If one state were to reach critical mass of intelligent voters, and all it takes is one measly state, the rest of the country could be shamed into reconsidering the regular down-breeding of politicians and political discourse that has continued since Republicans purged Teddy Roosevelt and progressives from the Greedy Old Party early in the last century. All it takes if for one state to attract a slight (50.0000000 . . . 1%) majority of intellectuals ("elites," according to Repuglican dogma) who consistently vote and are unfazed by conservative political correctness and other girlyman mass media crap and the New American Revolution would be begin. That's all it would take. One freakin' liberal state with balls.

It won't be California, as disappointing as that is, because southern California is the home of redneck retards and conservative bullshit and the average SoCal IQ is something below a toad. As much intelligence and mental horsepower as central and northern California contains is completely offset by the Reagan marching morons and that is all there is to say about and hope for from the once-innovative, nation-leading California Dream. Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin, and (a long-shot might be) Michigan are the only hope the nation has for this revolt. All of those states are taxpayers, instead of welfare-dependent red states. (Funny how that worked out, isn't it? "Red" used to be socialist/commie and now it means redneck, welfare-sucking conservative deadbeats. Nothing really changes.)

In my delusional democracy-regenerating wetdream, this revolution would begin with a liberal majority getting its act together and electing nothing but liberal politicians from national to local levels and the voting majority standing behind the people they elected. When that happens, the gentleman's agreement in Washington would instantly collapse when those representatives consistently stood up and said "You assholes are a pack of crooks and we're not putting up with this shit any more." Characters like Larry Summers, Timmy Geithner, Harry Paulson, Milton Friedman and his band of Chicago School of Economics morons, Wall Street's shills and crooks, and everyone who ever exposed and promoted their ignorance and corruption on Faux News would be terrified to raise their gnarly heads in this educated liberal stronghold.

Moments after this lone state stands on its hind legs, the migration begins. Intellectuals from all over the country pack up and move to this liberal, tolerant, educated place, which repulses the remaining redneck population who move to a red state where they will be more comfortable taking welfare and complaining about how insensitive the liberals are toward their superstitions, laziness, and general genetically damaged stupidity.

I've been waiting for this place to emerge for more than 30 years. I was enticed to move to Minnesota on the state's deteriorating reputation as a liberal stronghold. Minnesota has dropped that ball so many times in the post-Reagan decades that it may be a lost cause. Bachmann territory is notoriously uneducated, simple-minded and . . .  old, so that demographic may just die off naturally. While she made it to the dismal U.S. House, our Senate representation is considerably more enlightened by Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. We have some pretty substantial people in the House with Betty McCollum (D), Keith Ellison (D), and Tim Waltz (D). The rest of the MN House pack are somewhere between hopeless and too-dumb-to-have-a-drivers'-license. I'm not putting a lot of hope in Minnesota's return to sanity. For me, all it will take is for one state's representatives to make a statement and for that state's voters to stand behind them,  and I'm moving. I'll take my real estate losses, sell all of my crap, and we're on the road within a week. I expect a lot of people to do the same, in one direction or the other.