#183 Secret Messages

Somehow, I still get a lot of Republican propaganda in the mail each week. I've accused these morons of being clueless incompetents for a lot of years, but they keep sending me crap. Like the newspaper serves comedians, Republican propaganda provides me with new material on a regular basis. The latest whacko gibberish from McCain as a whining plea to send him money to fight the Obama campaign's "lies and innuendos" about him and his corporate owners. Poor Johnny. First the evil communists shot him down while napalming 3rd World villages, now the damn socialists want to restrain his "right" to turn every nickel in this country over to international corporations and their benevolent executives. What does Little Johnny want to do with that money? He complains that it costs $2 million to place an ad in the midst of honorable "news programs" like Bill O'Reilly's Fox News redneck diatribe.

Yep, you gotta fight "lies and innuendo" in a place where the ideals of the media's concept "fair and ridiculous" is upheld to the highest standard. I wonder if the Republicans still run ads in the John Birch Society's rag. I hope they are still actively recruiting Klanners. You wouldn't want to miss out on the contribution of that brilliant bunch of intellectuals.

This is a pretty funny bit. Bear Stern's chair-incompetent-goof-off, James Cayne, addressed the funeral for the corporation he helped destroy during the 11 minutes it took to write off that company's 85 year history. He brought down the house with the punch line, "I feel an enormous amount of pain, and management feels an enormous amount of pain."

He probably got a hernia carrying off his golden parachutes, as did other members of Bear Stern's mismanagement. Corporate socialism lives on in that company's memory, though. Our nation's moto should be, "Not a penny for the homeless, but billions for incompetent investment bank executives." You gotta protect the completely stupid, inbred elites from their own incompetence. Otherwise, they'll have to rely on Social Security like the rest of us and we all know how that is going to work out. I'm sure McCain feels Cayne's pain and will do everything possible to dump more taxpayers' cash into the poor lazy failure's sagging pockets.

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