Gestapo on the March

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Yesterday, the media made a big show of announcing that special police forces had arrested a collection of Republican convention protestors, in advance of any protests, and have found a "homemade weapons" and other paraphernalia. In the US, home of the NRA? Someone is dumb enough to home-make weapons when you can buy a machine gun at Wal-Mart? I’m pretty sure this is Newspeak at its finest. It just sounds too stupid, even for the current moronic government, to believe. The storm troupers in SWAT gear arrested a variety of young people without showing warrants and while pretending they were raiding armed terrorists. College kids and armed terrorists? Get a life, more wimps with badges. The Gestapo also arrested “a lawyer from the National Lawyer's Guild who was detained and put in handcuffs” without charge. If you ever suspected that Republicans and their conservatives cohorts were cowards, here’s your evidence. Shades of the 1968 Democratic Convention with Bush-style ignorance and arrogance added to the usual disrespect for the Bill of Rights.

In the meantime, St. Paul police are doing their usual impeccable job of scouring the donut shops and issuing parking tickets, while a woman was severely beaten by thugs wielding baseball bats on the shores of Lake Phalen, a popular public lake and walking trail (http://www.startribune.com/local/stpaul/26268039.html). T he day of the big raid, two more people were assaulted at the same location. No doubt, they were busy gearing up for the big raid on protestors and the associated assault on the Constitution.

Remind me again, we have police to protect us from what? Why don't we just rename the country "The United Corporations of America" and get it over with? This country would have to be fed to pigs, digested, crapped out, and reconstituted as food pellets to be worthy of "going to the dogs." As one of my students said after reading about the latest Iraq scandal, "it's too late for a wake-up call." We've slept through the alarm clock, the dinner bell, and the bell that "tolls for thee." We appear to be very near the point where we the people need to decide to actively reclaim the country or start mailing applications for asylum before the police start rounding us up for deportation to the concentration camps. Remember the Warsaw Ghetto!

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