I Might be Wrong

After a lifetime of doubting the existence of a Higher Power, the rumour that crazed Faux News facist Ann Coulter's mouth is wired shut due to a broken jaw has introduced some doubt into my universal view. However, I think a return to the Fairness Doctrine (eliminated by Reagan in 1987) would be a much more effective remedy for returning the country to sanity. It wouldn't make me into a believer, but it would at least make me believe that "change" is really coming.

For those of you who are too young to have experienced the golden years of American media (all 20 years of them), the Fairness Doctrine reminded the electronic media that access to the airwaves is a privledge that must be earned, not a right or a property to abuse without restriction. Right wing talk radio spawned from the black hole that the repeal of this obviously rational requirement created. Before 1987, television and radio news stations worked hard to avoid irrational or partisan opinions because they would have to provide free time for opposing views. A big portion of Reagan's "teflon shield" came from his handing over the reins to public opinion to the corporate media. They gave him 8 criticism-free years. He gave them freedom to flaunt their corporate interests at the expense of democracy and real information.

For now, we'll just have to hope that all of Faux New's cast of wacky drug addicts and mental midgets stumble down stairs cases, slam face first into doorways, forget to wear their seatbelts and get close and personal with a windshield, or simply meet with dental catestrophes.

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  1. Anonymous12/11/2008

    "No matter how often she bleached it, Ann just could not get rid of that little mustache."

    A Fan in Tucson