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You should read this article to get the whole gist of the concept: "Steele: GOP needs 'hip-hop' makeover." The article is about the new Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael S. Steele, and his plans to modernize the Republican Party. Steele wants "to attract younger voters, especially blacks and Hispanics, by applying the party's principles to 'urban-suburban hip-hop settings.'"

Sounds like more of that mafia gibberish about con games and dope dealing being "jus' bidness." Actually, that's probably not far from the truth. Steele is "the former lieutenant governor of Maryland and former state Republican Party chairman." Maryland, the home of Chevy Chase Bank and a variety of other credit card mobsters, isn't exactly a place you would go to find state-of-the-art anything. However, if you wanted to stage a movie about the mob, with lots of realistic and readily available stand-ins, Maryland would be a great place to visit.

Steele offered a lot of gibberish about how he was going to add bling to the Republican Party's image, but my favorite quote was, “I don't do 'cutting-edge.' That's what Democrats are doing. We're going beyond cutting-edge.” Beyond cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, current technology and into science fiction technology? Really, Mr. Steele? Republicans are going to use technology that doesn't yet exist? You clowns can't even cope with the internet, unless it's packaged in retarded apps like Flicker. The part of the backyard smear, crowd-mentality chanting is going to invent something? I don't think so. The last original idea generated by a Republican appeared in Teddy Rosevelt's Presidency and nothing even interesting has come from that crowd since.

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  1. Anonymous2/22/2009

    its just a ploy. fun to make fun of-- just like bush-- but its more of the mis-under-estimate ploy. Its not that stupid. Their main focus won't be this at all; its a ploy.

    They hire military psyc bastards to figure stuff out-- don't think rove kept that secret to himself all this time... They cheated some % their way but largely it was the "middle" undecided voters that swung to the DFL this time-- the stupid morons in the middle. Fix the voting process and they'll have a hard time -- but it'll still be fairly close if they sucker the morons in the middle. It took the worst president ever just to get a few % on top of the morons to counter the level of cheating they did-- without that and 4-8 years of bashing-- they'll get more morons and they know it.

    I ALMOST did consulting for the GOP (lots of money) helping develop a voter tracking and profiling system. It is way beyond the democrat's -- it is big brother. They will combine tons of data thru various means on each person-- their long term plan is customized propaganda to each voter. The start of this was to have people like me work on cell phones and web databases to collect everything from what car you have etc--- from people going door knocking-- your responses etc are fed in-- the phone calls too. They want that plus all the other credit history etc they pull in to all do into a massive database system and use some sort of computer program to churn out stuff for them. They don't seem to understand it-- but they know about real-world applications of similar technology in the business world and want to apply it. The stuff is scary and it only gets better. They'll buy it and have it figure out your voting history and future to a level never realized before; sure, it'll start out primitive-- but likely better than the pollsters at a bunch of specific things right from the start.

    The eventual goal might sound like science fiction but the seeds exist and the sci-fi ideas and their possibility to become reality is known. I was there, I heard it. They have people wanting to go this way; with funding--- but likely some internal resistance given how slowly it appeared to be moving. I wasn't sure if I should participate in slowing it down....

    This NEW head could very well be into this science fiction nightmare and accelerate those existing efforts.

    Their plans are IDIOCY but their politics are not; if they only put effort into good ideas....