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A collection of robber barons and blackmailers met with President Obama this week. Obama was attempting to bring some restraint into an industry that is jammed full with mobsters who are disconnected from reality, "Show some restraint. Show that you get that this is a crisis and everybody has to make sacrifices."

In the case of banks and large corporations, that "somebody" is, as usual, middle class taxpayers. The executives will still take home their overstuffed pay envelopes. Most of them will keep flying corporate jets to exotic business parties all over the world. When they completely trash their businesses, get caught stealing from customers, and are faced with jail time, they run to Canada where they get hired by Canadian brokerages to do it all again. The rest of us will be left to clean up their mistakes and outright theft.

The bankers hoped that standing next to Obama would "clean up" their images. In a world where image is reality, I supposed that is possible.

Disgusting, isn't it? If human intelligence were a reality, Obama would be afraid to stand near these wolves out of fear for his image. Nothing could clean up the reputations of the corporate crooks, in that ideal world. We're not in that world, though. Humans, who pride themselves as "the thinking animal," have the long term memory of ants. Twenty minutes after cursing the names of bankers and the financial sector, many Americans began railing about "socialism" and the "restriction of fundamental rights" when Obama's regulators began to investigate bankers and brokers. All it took was a little proding by Rush and O'Reilly and half of the country went ballastic over the idea that the federal government might be doing its job.

Obama said, "It's very difficult for me as president to call on the American people to make sacrifices to help shore up the financial system if there's no sense of mutual obligation . . . and mutual help . . . There's no separation between Main Street and Wall Street. We're all in this together."

No, we're not. The bankers and CEOs are in it for themselves. The rest of us are in it because we have no choice. Wall Street is on one side of the battlefield and we are on the other. If they win, we lose. If they survive, we'll die. We don't need them. They do need us. This is, face it, a class war and has been since the founding of the nation in 1776. Working Americans, however, quit the fight in 1814. The ruling class have been at war, without pause, for hundreds of years. If we don't fight back, we deserve the government, economy, and country we get.

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  1. Anonymous3/30/2009

    Yeah, I'm pretty discussted with the whole mess.

    I heard this show a couple weeks ago.

    I would like to see the entire bank system collapse and go back to small-community style banks (along with the collapse of corporate conglo-moration). I know, I'm a dreamer...

    I'm trying to think there might be some shred of chance for society, but I'm afraid that we have already sealed the fate of our children.

    We lived in what was easily the most oppullant time in the history of humans. We were essentially a nation of kings, and we've squandered our resources to the point of no return. Even if our country were to wake up, I don't think we'd have any leverage in trying to convince the third-world countries (now raping and pillaging at as rapidly increasing a rate as we were in the 1880's). I think we're doing an excellent job of teaching other countries to conspicuously rape the resources to line their pockets, as we've done for so many years.

    It will be quite a scene when we're sending in eff 18's to secure(steal) food and water resources that really belong to other nations. "The Population Bomb" was right, but it was written too early, and after 15 or twenty years, people thought it would never actually happen, so it's business as usual. I'm afraid that the "population bomb" may now be on our doorstep.

    I was hoping that Obama would rise to become the motivational superhero for us all, but it's obviously going to take a lot more pressure from us to push him into that role. I'm beginning to believe that corporations bought him (too) and will continue business as usual until there is no business for anyone anymore.

    Corporate Conglomorates suck...

    ...the earth dry.

    Did you watch "Zeitgeist, the Movie?" I think it should be required watching for all Junior High students. It comes off as being a little fanatical, but I think he's right on in so many areas, and it is definitely time for the dissolution of the Phed Re-surf Banque.