The Incredible Old Party

After a conversation with a co-worker last week, I've decided that Republicans have done something truly amazing; Republicans have joined the interests of the rich and powerful and the poor and uneducated. So, I recommend the acronym for the party be changed from "GOP" to "IOP" or the Incredible Old Party. This is a really incredibly achievement and the party and its politicians should be celebrated for their accomplishment.

Democrats and minority party hopefuls might as well hang it up because once the rich and powerful are joined with the gross mass of humanity in a common cause, whatever that cause may be (and I have no idea what the occasionally-working-class expects from their distant and 3rd class association with powerful elites), there is no stopping them from achieving their goals.

I had sort of suspected that Democrats had become obsolete after the mid-term elections. When the loony right joined hands with the country's idle rich and stuffed ballot boxes with votes for candidates whose only campaign promise was "no taxes for rich people," I thought the country had taken a last turn toward the right and the sort of upper crust inbred degeneration that has marked the fall of every great empire since Greece. The most recent concession of what was left of the Democratic party convinced me that the war is over and the rich have won. When Obama decided to cave to Republican demands that the Bush Tax Cuts be not only extended but enhanced so that the idle rich and the braindead elites of the country be allowed to soak taxpayers (a category of citizens the rich avoid and an activity of which they do not participate) for even more luxury and indolence, I realized Democrats and progressives are dead and just don't know it. It's not just that Obama gave in to every Republican demand on the tax code, it's that he did it after "fighting" for a more rational tax system during an NFL commercial break. I guess the "change" Obama has brought to Washington could also be called "wimpiness."

So, I hand it to Republicans everywhere. You guys are the Incredible Old Party; the party of the incredibly rich and the incredibly stupid.

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