A New PC Code Word

Foreign Policy recently published an article by Phillip Longman claiming that Darwinism was going to make this a "conservative world." Because, as he explains, "conservatives" in places like Salt Lake City are reproducing at the highest rate in the nation, he says "conservatives" are going to rule the future. He quotes statistics that proves Vermont (one of the most liberal states) and other liberal states have a dramatically lower birth rate than Utah, Alabama, and other hot best of "conservative" ideology. He notes that states that voted for G.W. Bush spewed out at least 10% more children than those states that voted for Kerry and Gore. He concluded the article by claiming we in for "a far more conservative future, one in which patriarch and other traditional values make a comeback, if only by default."

All through the article, I couldn't help substitute the word "conservative" for "stupid." C.M. Kornbluth told this story in his classic, The Marching Morons, in the 50's, but who would have believed it would come true so quickly?

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