How Dangerous Are They?

The Teabag men and women are approaching scary. Maybe they zipped by it so fast that I missed the turning point. They carry and display guns at their rallies; and I mean big guns, automatic weapons fit for a murderous trip to the local high school or synagogue. The offer "prayers" of the sort pictured at right:
May his days be few;
may another take his place of leadership.
May his children be fatherless
and his wife a widow.
This is, of course, yet another example of how rarely the Golden Rule is obeyed in the Bible and an even stronger piece of evidence that Christians are still Jews Who Dislike Jews; in other words, Old Testament fans who like the idea of a Christ but who don’t care much for the things he was reported to have said.
This collection of unpatriotic, anti-democratic traitors could quickly pass from praying for the death of the President to making their crazy predictions come true. Since the Bushies stuffed so much of the federal bureaucracy full of similar nutballs, it's not hard to imagine another inside job like the Kennedy assassinations. The Secret Service has a terrible record of providing pitiful to non-existent protection for liberal, Democratic Presidents. You'd think they might be just a little biased. The CIA is outright traitorous, self-interested, and works against the best interests of everyone but the oil companies and other corrupt corporations. If the general population is willing to be this overt in their desire to overthrow an elected government, the chances are good that it will be done.

Before the last presidential election, Boston Legal's brilliant writers produced a farce-logical argument that might actually be the best hope the world has to resolve the mess the US has created in the world. 
Alan Shore and Denny Crane on Boston Legal:
Alan: "Okay, give me two reasons you're going to vote for McCain."

Denny: "If McCain wins, he'll help save the salmon... The wild salmon stocks in Canada are threatened by the climate change, fishing routing, sea lice... Once the salmon go, there goes half the ecosystem. I don't need to tell you."

Alan: "And... McCain will save them?"

Denny: "Not directly. But the push would. If McCain wins, it's like a third term of Bush. And a lot of Americans would immigrate to Canada. The smart ones. And the intelligence level of Canada goes up. They'll figure out how to save the salmon."

Alan: "... And the second reason?"

Denny: "Women are easier during a Republican administration. It's a fact. During Democratic regimes, volunteerism goes up, and you get a lot of women running around for this cause and that. They start to think they have something to say. Republicans tend to reinforce the idea that a woman's place is in the home, on her back. And not even taking into account all the women that would be depressed if McCain won. Sad girls are easy girls. I don't need to tell you. They're lonely. Salmon and women, in the end it's all about spawning. Drill, baby, drill."

Alan: "Salmon and Sex How did McCain miss that campaign slogan?"

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