If We Were Smarter We’d Survive

It’s almost sad that all of these catastrophic stupid mistakes are coming together at this point in human history. Given a couple hundred more years, we might have been able to rid ourselves of gods, war, and general stupidity. We’re not going to get another hundred years, maybe unfortunately. We’ve whipped past the critical 400ppm CO2 milestone, with barely a notice from the gas-guzzling American public. The corrupt mess that passes for a “congress” in Washington paved the way for one of the most evil corporations (or organizations of any kind) in human history, Monsanto, to pollute the plant gene pool with their poorly conceived, incredibly dangerous Franken-crops without any intelligent government oversight. Even worse, now that it is obvious that these crops are going to have millions of unforeseen and unpredictable catastrophic effects on the environment, our congressional crooks passed a law to protect Monsanto from responsibility. Too bad the World Court doesn’t have a military. If they did, they would surely be gearing up to go head-on with the US Government to prosecute our growing collection of international terrorists and criminals.

Don’t worry, GeeWiz and Dicky. They’re not coming for you. They don’t have half the weaponry we’d use to protect your worthless criminal asses. Monsanto would get the same kind of military escort as would Wall Street and the Mob every other well-heeled criminal who has stuffed the pockets of members of congress, our Extreme Court, and the media. Our “national plan,” if it can be called something as sophisticated as that, is to bunker down, protect the 1% from the 99%, and cross our fingers and hope for the best while planning for something even better.

We are a dumb-fucking animal with the survival instincts of a lemming and the intellectual capacity of a rock. Not a smart rock, either. Oh well, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

If we’re around in 2015, I can only hope Google Blogger is still kicking out scheduled articles because a lot of the stuff I wrote about GeeWiz and Little Dicky will be reappearing just in time for the 20165 elections and I want to be there, even if I’m not here, to remind Repuglicans of who they are and who they represent. Otherwise, it really doesn’t matter because we’re all toast.

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