Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

On Texas Senator and all-around screw-ball Teddy Cruz’s Facebook site, where he’d asked for comments on the ACA (“Obamacare” for the racists in the audience), a military character (current or ex) reprimanded someone who questioned why the military should have different healthcare privileges than the rest of us. He repeated the old threat, “Support our troops: stand behind them or stand in front of them.” This is the issue, isn’t it? The military, the fatal flaw in every failing or failed empire, stands apart from the nation’s citizens and insists on special privilege, unrestricted access to the nation’s treasure, and the general public’s complete obedience. The more they are given, the more they take and the more they feel they deserve. In the end, they will turn on the citizens they pretend to serve and overthrow whatever government they were created to protect. The sad fact is warriors are not citizens and they have no interest in being mere members of society. Like gangs of men throughout history, armed men without a clear purpose are a danger to society and completely antithetical to democracy.

The Greeks, Romans, British, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Germans, and ,now the United States of America have all been overrun internally by their own militarism. When the elites take over the function of the military for their own purposes, the military becomes mercenary. Mercenaries have no loyalty to any nation, political system, political ruler, or neighborhood. They probably don’t even have families, as a normal human might understand the concept.

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