#108 Hard Work? Damn! (2004)

All Rights Reserved © 2004 Thomas W. Day

The first Presidential debate was interesting.  The one thing we know about George W. Bush, other than his nearly-perfected incompetence, is that he is chronically lazy.  The lil' feller has taken the easy way out of every situation in his life.  His first "business success" involved being put into a non-participatory management position in a pro baseball team, using other people's money and other people's talents to actually manage the team.  George's job required him to sit behind the home team's bench and look involved.  He mostly looked confused, when he wasn't napping.  By all accounts, this job tested George's stamina severely.  He had to take a number of vacations to recover from the daily routine at his seat behind the bench.  But he managed it and his partners sold the team and gave him his share in the profits.  It helped that he hadn't had to make an investment, originally, because his parents weren't inclined to loan Georgie any more cash due to his past misadventures with their money. 

From that great success, Georgie went on to vacation at the Texas Governors' mansion.  His tenure in that office was another rousing success.  He managed to turn one of the nation's worst education systems into the clear winner of that contest.  Nobody has a more poorly funded education system, after George's education plan went into action.  Texas kids will be thanking Georgie for decades as they flip burgers and cash their welfare checks.  George worked so hard as governor that nearly half of the time he spent in that office was "working vacation" time.  Texans got their money's worth out of the little rich kid. 

The first debate was clearly a test of the President's strength.  Since he has no character or intelligence, the only personality trait that could be tested was strength.  As the debate went south on him, he began to whine about the "hard work" the Presidency requires.  All these Presidential issues--the mess in Iraq, the economy, criminal  activities among his friends and associates, and the job of being President -- were wearing him down. Little George is used to taking a extended break any time life's complexities begin to wear on his limited capabilities.  He'd done exactly that throughout his first term in office, however, the debate was going to go on with or without him, so he had to stick to it.  George isn't much of a stick-to-it-kind-of-guy.  He was desperately needing a vacation trip to Crawford less than 5 minutes into the debate. 

From that point on, he constantly returned to his whining refrain of how much "hard work" was involved in being President.  If being President were an appointed office, I'd feel sorry for the dumb bastard.  Since he went to great difficulty to corrupt the selection process, including stealing the election from the actual winner, I hope he chokes on the responsibility.  Even more to the point, since I believe that his lies regarding the reasons for the Iraq Invasion were nothing less than treasonous, I'd like to see Georgie put in some serious hard time for his criminal acts.  Busting stones in a hot Texas sun would be an apt punishment for his efforts against the flag.  Ideally, joining him would be his CRAP buddies and, especially, Karl Rove.  Those chubby cheeked draft dodgers would be completely different people after a decade or two behind bars.  They might even develop a bit of character.

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