Is Bean-Counting A Profession?

Now that the economy is crawling back to life (in spite of the best efforts of the Teabag congress and the hopes of the 1%’ers who’d hoped to totally crush the middle class), people are job hunting and hopping again. (Read the ShouldIQuit test;  the questions are important, you don’t need to actually take the test. 7 Reasons Why You Hate Your Job will also give you a fine grip on why so many people hate their jobs. ) The reason most of us hate our work is because management sucks the life out of the job and the people in it. The reason management is so awful is because the skill set they have is insufficient for the job. The only thing MBA clones know is simple data manipulation; bean-counting. As anyone who has ever performed an inventory knows, that ain’t rocket science. Supposedly, the big lesson in a Harvard MBA program is learning the valuable skill of “pushing blame down and pulling credit up.” That is, also, not rocket science, brain surgery, or useful anywhere outside of a spoiled brat’s fraternity or the upper floors of a Misfortune 500 corporation.

While statistics show the American worker has become dramatically more efficient and productive. damn little of that output is due to management. In spite of mismanagement’s general incompetence, engineers, technicians, clerks, sales people, and everyone else are motivated to do a better job with modern tools (tools that are generally beyond management’s capacity to comprehend or use). The simple fact is that people with even the slightest amount of freedom and talent are driven to do a better job. That’s not something management can claim credit for, it’s just human nature.

The tools MBAs acquire for management are intimidation, whining, and the rest of the manipulation skills typical of 13-year-old girls. Accounting is still a valuable skill and a respectable profession. But bean-counting at the remedial level of MBAs is not even worth considering beyond its comedic value.

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