Why Republicans Love Russians

After more than a half-century of listening to Republicans’ timid anti-Russian freakouts, it’s interesting to see them suddenly cozy up to Putin and the remains of the Soviet Union. Honestly, I’ve never understood their hostility in the first place. Way back in the 70’s, I argued that if the USSR ever managed to take over the USA they’d leave the Nixon Administration in charge. They were and are the same people, with the same beliefs (including fake religions: communism or Christianity), the same authoritarian attitudes, the same disinterest in civil rights, the same misogyny, and the same total lack of moral values. Let me list their similarities:
  • Above all Republicans and Soviets are anti-democratic. Their half-hearted nod to “elections” is almost comical, so you’d wonder why they bother at all. I suspect that maintaining the pretense of being elected allows the less-informed public to pretend they still have a stake and it pumps up the egos of the nutjobs who want to create a society with as little going for it as the world Putin and Trump would love to make."They voted for this mess. They must have wanted it."
  • Like the conservatives in Russia, Republicans haven’t originated a progressive reform since Teddy Roosevelt. Their opposition to President Obama was a classic Soviet Russian conservative knee-jerk. Look at how the one Russian reformer in the last 100 years, Gorbachev, was treated.What passes for "reform" from the Russian/Republican Party is always less tax on the already untaxed 1% and less security for the 99%.
  • Republicans and Russians love military solutions to political problems. It will not surprise me to see Trump use the military to overwhelm the opposition to the various oil pipelines he and his Russian allies want to build across this country to get US and Canadian oil to everywhere but the US market. The only answer Republicans/Russians have to any economic disaster is to "build more bombs and bombers." It would never occur to them to improve the education system, for example, the only possible solution to most of today's US problems.
  • Russians and Republicans not only represent the ogliarchy but desperately want to become members. (https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2014/09/how-did-members-of-congress-get-so-wealthy/379848/) There is a reason congresscritters are allowed to bet on their own legislation, it's called "insider trading" and from the White House to the Extreme Court, insider trading is status quo. 
  • The police are always Republican/Russians because they can exercise unlimited power under authoritarian administrations without having to worry about nasty issues like being prosecuted for murder, robbery, or other crimes against the citizens the pretend to “serve and protect.”
  • At the individual level, Russians/Republicans always look for solutions from rulers, not leaders. There is no personal responsibility in either the country’s success or failure when a ruler fails to live up to his promises. Ruled citizens can bitch and moan about their sorry lives, but they don’t have to take any responsibility in creating change. Leaders need citizens to carry the load locally to create reforms and change. Free societies are obligated to work to maintain their freedom and democracy and that takes time away from watching football or Faux Views. Russians and Republicans hate work, especially when that work might benefit someone other than themselves.
  • Republicans/Russians prefer muscle over thought. While some theoretical free market promoters believe that capitalism is a system of ideas and change, the people represented at both ends of Republican/Russian politics are obviously more fond of power than ideas and change. Scientists are rarely either conservative or Republican, which should be the ultimate proof that thinking isn’t a Russian or Republican value. In fact, the opposition to public education proves that they believe in a world where only the wealthy can afford any education at all.
  • Russian/Republicans stand for mythical “freedoms” while making sure only the oligarchy are free. The freedom of the 1%, or the "nomenklatura" as the Russians call their elites, is the ultimate freedom, because no laws apply to them. That’s the world Republican/Russians are saluting when they eliminate “regulations” (laws for corporations and the ultra-rich): freedom for them and a train wreak for the rest of us.
  • When you look at the societies Russians and Republicans create, you can’t tell which one Orwell was describing in 1984. Is it an authoritarian faux-socialist society or a libertarian dream world? No one knows because you can't tell them apart without proper labels. Hell, I can't even tell if A Handmaid's Tale is Russian or Republican. All we really know is that either group stands for repression, violence, corruption, greed, and everything the ideals of the United States of America is suppose to oppose.

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