Predicting 2015

The 2014 election is about on us. In less than two months the nation will decide if it wants to survive and thrive or shrivel into a neo-fascist feudal state. I have never been able to read the minds of my fellow citizens and this year is no different. There is no shortage of Teatards in every state and they are voters, if nothing else. Teabaggers will wander to their local poll places and vote their emotions as if they were actual thoughts. That probably accounts for about 25-30% of all Americans. The rest of us? Maybe, maybe not.
On average, Americans do not vote. We pretend its because we are too proud or brilliant to pick the "lessor of two evils," but in fact those non-voters are just lazy; mentally and physically. If the usual suspects show up for this mid-term election, we'll end up with a Republican/Teabag House and, possibily, an even dumber Senate. If that happens, put your money anywhere but in the US.
In my 66 years, there has been no fiscal conservative Republican in office, regardless of how they label themselves. They are the party of "borrow and spend" and when it comes to oil companies, wars, corporate welfare, and giving away the future to the lazy, unproductive, anti-democratic idle rich Republicans will spend the future to party today. Without exception. So, when 2016 turns into a "mandate" for the Teatards and other Republicans, the country is going back into the dumpster where Bush and Cheney left it and the dollar is going to become worthless. If you have any ideas on where an old American with no language skills and only a few years left to live his retirement can hide cash and his physical self, I'd like to hear about it.

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