When Home Becomes A Police State

holtzclaw The recent flurry of examples of how abusive our local “police” have become seems to be surprising to too many of us. The tiny-brained conservative crowd have, of course, blamed this on Obama and “the liberals.” It’s hard to be more clueless than the folks who watch and believe Fox News and the rest of our corporate media, but they work hard at pretending to be informed and I’m sure they will be even more idiotic next year. The sad and terrifying thing about what’s going on in the country is that Washington isn’t as responsible for this as we are, locally. The real abuse is happening at the lowest ferguson-police levels possible. It’s true that the horsepower used in some cases comes from the “donations” of military equipment to untrained, poorly managed, horribly staffed local police and sheriff’s departments. Those small town bullies were already over-equipped with weapons before they began to collect tanks, machine guns, and other weapons intended for full-out warfare. Put them in assault uniforms, identity-hiding armor, and elect city officials who imagine themselves to be untouchable royalty and we have a police state growing from the bottom up. Ironically, the police state in cities like Ferguson, Missouri are being restrained by the big, scary federal government. If they weren’t worried about the Justice Department and the FBI, those places would be full-on dictatorships. Many cities are approaching that level of police abuse and we, locally, are at fault.

policeabuse “Our police” are completely self-serving. They have no interest in protecting anyone other than their power and access to any form of corruption or criminal behavior they see fit to commit (no poetry intended). There is, literally, no reason to believe anything from members of the police forces who should be solely supported by our tax money, but who are not because they have turned to theft and barely-concealed taxation of the poor and middle class for fun and profit.

policestate The reason they get away with this is because we are the world’s most passive pseudo-democracy. We’re all wrapped up in Brad and whatshername or NFL/NBA or whatever pro gladiator sport you prefer. Our country is going to hell and douchebags around the nation are packing guns in grocery stores pretending to be defenders of liberty while our uniformed gangbangers are destroying liberty everywhere they set foot. In what seems more like an Onion satire than a serious statement, sheriffs and police chiefs around the country are accusing President Obama of creating a police state, while they are actually mismanaging real police cities and states. All I can figure is that they watched Clevon Little in Blazing Saddles and decided we really are that stupid. So far, all evidence seems to support their conclusion.

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