#124 We Called Them "Freaks" (2004)

All Rights Reserved © 2004 Thomas W. Day

In the early 1970s, the worst of the drug abusers from the 60s often completely lost touch with reality and "turned to Christ."  Real hippies called the ex-zombie-doper-burnouts "Jesus freaks."  In a culture where anything went and almost any damn idiot idea found some level of acceptance, the "born again" and the "saved" were considered crazy-beyond-redemption.  Even Scientologists, those freaky Dianetics self-helpers who still chant "he's not dead yet" whenever a book critic has the gumption to suggest that L. Ronnie Hubbard may not have actually written the latest piece of SF trash bearing his name, got more respect than Jesus freaks.  Even Young Republicans, an oxymoron if I ever wrote one, sat further up the credibility totem pole. 

Today, Jesus freaks rule the country.  The rest of us are scared shitless of the crazies and that's good enough for Jesus and his daddy, according to the current herd of spokesmen and the rare spokeswoman.  Like their 1930's German counterparts, the neo-con Jesus freaks can't discriminate fear from respect and don't care to waste time making the distinction.  In fact, they'd probably rather generate fear, because respect is something they can't possibly earn with their unusually small intellects and amazing fear-of-everything timidity.

How did Jesus freaks move to the top of the food chain?  I think it's because of the down-breeding that occurred during the 1960s and has continued from then till today.  The social welfare programs and the extended time of peace of the 1950s allowed far too much cannon fodder to reproduce.  Dumbasses who should have died in pointless infantry charges against overwhelming firepower survived the 1950s and bred like rats, producing the dumbest bunch of children ever to populate the planet .  In the 1970s and 80s, these stupid-beyond-belief quasi-humans came out of the womb ready to accept nonsense and fantasy as fact. 

It didn't help that the country had grown so large that the once-small federal government became Big Mommy and the majority of the citizens accepted and even begged for "help" from the most incompetent civil serpents since the Soviet Union built its governmental monument to human foolishness.  It's possible that these idiot children could have been educated, but the federal and state governments had their brainless hands deep into the education system by 1970 and "reading, writing, and 'rithmetic" turned into "baby-sitting, semi-pro sports, and sadistic sensory deprivation experiments."

Without good genes or competent educations, a generation of morons grew into superstitious, timid quasi-adults who desperately yearn for the warmth of Mommy and Daddy's comforting, if deluded, care.  They run to churches for fantastic myths of life-after-wasted-life and to politicians for even more fantastic fables of nationalistic or racial superiority.  The 70's piss-ants are the most gutless, moronic generation ever to fake being young. 

An unusual number of kids who were born from the genetic mistakes of the 1950s came out of the womb conservative.  While there were a few Young Republicans in my generation, most of the conservative freaks were non-political rednecks.  That's pretty bad, but what came next was really bad.  Their kids were really strange abominations, born dumb and political.  250 years after the Age of Reason inspired the founders of this country to firmly and clearly separate government and religion, the fools and the fools bred by fools took 10,000 steps backwards and elected Ronald Reagan, the anti-Washington, President of the United States.  Downhill the country traveled, after Reagan, until the idiots search the country for the dumbest, least capable, least ethical person in the entire nation and made him our fearful, incompetent leader.  What happens next is anyone's worst guess, but I fully expect the least from the majority of my fellow citizens and I don't expect to be disappointed.  P.T. Barnum once said that no one ever went broke under-estimating the intelligence of the American public.  Lots of people been elected, however, doing just that. 

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