Being A Republican: the Coolest Things

While I watched the "proceedings" surrounding the approval of Obama's cabinet, I reminisced about the good old days of Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II (with a little flicker of memories of Nixon and Ford). When a Democrat is in office, Republicans attempt to demonstrate that they still remember what it was like to be a human being. They put fancy suits over their lizard skins and jabber about "moral authority," "family values," and other topics of which they are totally unfamiliar and could care less about when there is booty to be taken.

While they pretend to give a damn that some minor Democratic nominee didn't pay Unemployment or Workmans' Comp on an illegal alien nanny, they didn't bat an eye when they voted to approve Condolezza Rice to Bush II's cabinet. Rice had a Chevron oil tanker named after her, for Christ's sake! Do you have any idea how low you have to kneel down to get an oil tanker named after you? Me either, but I bet you'd put a lot more wear and tear on your knees than if you were just giving Clinton head in the Oval office.

These are the same characters who nominated Cheney for Vice President after the skulduggery he'd managed as Haliburton's CEO during the Clinton years and his Nixonian criminal past. When Cheney got caught selling nuclear reactor parts to Iran, violating the National Security ban on such sales in 1998, Cheney said, "I think we'd be better off if we…backed off those sanctions didn't try to impose secondary boycotts on companies...trying to do business over there." Yep, Little Dick was pissed off that Clinton and the Pentagon wouldn't let him help Iran develop nuclear technologies and actively campaigned to be allowed to do so. Hell, Haliburton had an office in Tehran during the time when that was a violation of U.S. sanctions.

Obviously, the coolest thing about being a Republican is that there are absolutely no limits on the evil one can do, After a lifetime of stomping on US law, you can still end up on the public payroll. Come-on Democrats, you have to admit you're more than a little jealous. In the 1960s and 70s, southern Democrats were so jealous of the double standard that they switched parties in droves, dragging along the dumbass crackers who were more interested in blaming minorities for their pitiful economic and social status than in looking into a mirror and seeing the results of decades of incest. There is nothing better than screwing the public and pretending to be on some sort of moral crusade at the same time. That's what being a Republican is all about.

And you wonder why all I can do is laugh when I see or hear any Republican make any claim to morality? You're lucky I don't spit in your face, which sometimes happens as an unintentional by-product of laughing uncontrollably. Being a Republican means "never having to say your sorry" for pocketing the public trust, destroying the economy, murdering millions, and being wrong at every turn in the road. Anyone would be jealous of that record.

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