What's Still the Matter with Kansas?

Today, Dr. George Tiller, one of the nation's (and that hatefilled state's) few providers of abortions was murdered at his church while serving as an usher. Dr. Tiller's clinic, Tiller's Women's Health Care Services, was one of the few such facilities left in that fundamentalist theocratic state. It had been targeted several times by "pro-life" terrorists since opening in 1973.

As Thomas Frank noted in his book about the mental flaws of the Midwest, What's the Matter with Kansas?, the right has managed to create a cause with abortion that they will never have the courage to be honest about. The cowardice behind going after doctors and nurses rather than attacking the women who hire those medical professionals is as dishonest as it is evil. If the self-proclaimed pro-lifers actually aimed their evil at the women who ask for these services, they would be castrated and shipped out of the country on a rial in minutes. Since they are devoid of morals, courage, or honest beliefs, they are left with pretending to belive that the messenger is the message author. If they were to declare war on the women of this country, as their Muslim heroes have done, they'd be gone in moments. They don't have half the courage of their in-word-only convictions, so they pick easy targets and go after women's rights through a sniper's sights.

The federal government should apply the kind of force against these terrorists that was once aimed at the KKK and the American Nazi Party. They are the same kind of people and deserve exactly the same fate, or worse.

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